Sunday, September 26, 2010

While I was waiting for Pietro...

Here I just want to show some of my works, I've made last winter while I was waiting for Pietro's born. My baby is born on December, 22. It was a wonderful, sooo coold, snowing night. All my time in the weeks before was dedicated to prepare his nest.
Here is a special blanket: I was knitting it for a friend of mine who was expecting a baby, when I discovered that I was expecting a baby too!!! I couldn't give it away. It's a kind of good-luck charm for me...
Then, here there is the very first Pietro's hoodie.
I put it on my baby when we firstly went home from the nursery. He was so little ans sweet and the hoodie was so warm and soft, like a kind of teddy bear. It's a piece of my heart.

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